A quick stress hack

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Why do we keep repeating the same patterns?
Making the same goals and resolutions?

It’s not our lack of drive, ambition or intention. We really want to achieve.

But why do we hold ourselves back?

Why can’t we get out of our own ways?

Our biggest obstacles are not on the outside, our biggest obstacles are on the inside.

I can help you reach the inside, release the part of you that is holding you back and help you take actions towards your goals, naturally and without having to rely on willpower.

From the time we are born to 7 years old we are like sponges taking in data, trying to make sense of the world, we’re in an accelerated learning state and this is when our perceptions are downloaded to the subconscious mind, without discrimination, without filters and without analytical self-awareness that we have when we’re older.

As children we don’t have the self-awareness to filter the data coming our way.

Consequently, our fundamental perceptions about ourselves, about life and about our role in the world are given to us before we have the capacity to choose or reject what we are given, we just absorb the information.

A lot of research supports childhood is key, it sets us up for the rest of our lives.

The good news is we can do the work to change it and reverse limiting beliefs and get unstuck!

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